Oh, hello! I' a graphic designer and cookie enthusiast based in Stockholm, Sweden. 

My journey as a designer started when I was three years old and I used my crayons to redesign the patterns on couches and wallpapers around the house, much to my parents dissatisfaction. Personally I thought they looked better that way. 

I enjoy designing the most when I get to combine it with illustrating, and being around fun and creative people that I can bounce ideas off.


Create/Remain - Internship
Garbergs Open Studio - Internship


Forsbergs Skola - Graphic Design and Advertisement (2 years)
Södertörns Högskola - Digital Graphics and Illustration (7,5 hp)
Uppsala University - Vector Graphics (15 hp)
Uppsala University - Principles of Marketing (7,5 hp)

Email: lina@wikmans.se
Instagram: @linawikmans

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